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The most reliable and affordable email validation tool.
Enter an email address to verify its accuracy.
How do we validate emails ?
The first step is the simplest : each email is checked and has to validate universal format.
We find generic role emails such as or that may not represent real people.
We detect disposable/temporary email addresses such as to avoid fake users.
We check if the email address point to an active and registered domain.
We detect domains that do not have valid mail exchanger (MX entries in their DNS Settings).
We detect mail exchangers that accept every mail, including non-existing ones
Temporary Unavailable
Email box can be temporary unavailable for some reasons (ex: mailbox full), we detect it.
Mailbox Confirmation
Finally, we can confirm the existence of an email address without sending any emails.
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Unbeatable pricing
Did you ever ask yourself : how does it cost to validate an email ? We did, and we thought the price of the market was so high and indecent... That's why we created Wilfried!
Pricing plan 1
500 Validations / day
0,00067€ / validation
per month
Pricing plan 3
5k Validations / day
0,00053€ / validation
per month
Pricing plan 4
All Star
25k Validations / day
0,00053€ / validation
per month
Custom Need ? You are between two prices ? Don't worry ! Just ask us your real need, we can adapt pricing to all use cases.
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and validate up to 1000 emails / day
Need more validations ?
You can buy credits to validate emails in addition to your monthly subscription.
Number of emails
Price per email
5k - 100k
100k - 250k
250k - 500k
500k - 1M
1M - 2M
2M - 5M
Quick Calculator
The price for validating emails is : 12.5€
Why choose us ?
I have a custom need
You are between two prices right? Don't worry! Just ask us your real need, we can adapt pricing to all use cases
Our friendly support can help you migrate from another provider by adapting our API to the payload you want with no additional fee !
I'm not a tech guy
Not a problem anymore, give us your email list, one of our customer manager will validate it and return it in your format (Excel, csv, txt, …)
I need the feature X
Our development process is quite fast. In less than a week, our super-developers can get you a feature into production.
I don't have emails to validate
Our friendly tech team can help you scrap some websites, so what are you waiting for ? Just contact us !
No bullshit
We just validate emails. We will never oversell our product or write tons of useless lines. That's why this page is so simple.
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Why do I need to validate emails ?
Data Scrapping/Buy Emails List
You know this is bad right ? But Wilfried won't told it ! Obviously, if you have bought or have scrapped emails, you need to verify them in order to avoid high bounce rate and get blocked my major mailing providers (Gmail, Yahoo, …)
User Sign Up Process
You don't want your user to give you wrong email ? Or worst, disposable email 😱Use during your signup process to avoid this!
You have an automated newsletter ? Getting too much wrong emails can kill your newsletter in a matter of hours because of bounce! But don't worry, Wilfried can help you clean your email lists to avoid this problem
Simple API
Once you have created your account, you will get an API Key. You will have to provide this API key for every request you make in the header field named apikey.

To handle email validations, you just have to make a POST request at /api/v1/validations with a payload as simple as this :
Simple API Payload to validate email You will get in return a validation id, like this :
API Response Then, just make a simple GET request at /api/v1/validations/<your validation id> to know if your validation is finished and retrieve the result. The response looks like : API Response That's it ! Simple no ?
Now you know that the only thing to do is to...

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